High-Risk Area Absent from Airbnb Reviews

I recently traveled to New Orleans with three other couples. I did not properly investigate the neighborhood and when we got there we discovered we were in a high-risk crime neighborhood. While we were there we had to run to the local Dollar General store and witnessed an assault of a homeless man right before our eyes.

There were no negative reviews mentioning anything about the neighborhood. I asked the host and her words were “it is a perfect neighborhood”. We went into the local chamber of commerce and Tripadvisor offices for things to do on our first day and both places stated we were in a very scary neighborhood.

I reached out to the host to ask her in the future to tell the truth about the neighborhood. I even tried to post a negative comment but they did not post it. Trulia is a great resource to see crime stats for neighborhoods instead of believing the reviews. Airbnb obviously does not post bad reviews. Has anyone else had this problem?

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  1. Airbnb does not monitor the standards or condition of the accommodations a Host offers for a quick buck. We had to leave after the first night of a two night reservations because we were placed in the Host’s basement with an old Murphy bed. The hosts refused to reimburse us for the second night. We won’t be using Airbnb any longer because neither Airbnb or the Hosts are held accountable for the accommodations you’re paying for.

  2. Someone isn’t being entirely truthful 🙂 .

    Are you sure that when you contacted your host you didn’t mention anything about a refund or else you’ll write a scathing review? Or violated any of the content policy? Because that’s the only time your “factual” review will be taken down.

  3. I was factual. And generous even considering the circumstances. There was nothing wrong with my review at all. Except the fact that I mentioned being the victim of a crime. Which I had a police report to back up.

  4. You should’ve thought harder about your review. Airbnb wouldn’t remove your review unless you violated their terms of service, so either you violated their terms in the review or in your communication with the host. Too bad, because the real way to alert future guests about the issue is to be factual in the review.

  5. Yes I always do an extensive research of the neighborhood where I am staying. Just out of interest actually. Not really looking for crime.

  6. That is because Airbnb weeds out any and all negative reviews. A crime was committed against me in my unit and they took my review down.

    • That’s completely false. You can lie your a$$ off in a review and Airbnb won’t take it down unless it violates their terms of service. There are tens of thousands of retaliatory negative reviews that are complete lies that Airbnb refuses to remove.

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