Held Against my will by an Airbnb Host

During my checkout, the owner of the apartment held me against my will inside the bedroom of his apartment because I told him I wasn’t going to pay for the already faulty shower screen door.

During my stay, the shower screen door broke off from the hinges and fell on me. I then removed the door completely as it was dangerously hanging off its hinges, which I then placed aside. I sent a message to the host (the daughter of the owner of the apartment) and explained this to her.

During my check out – and just before this all kicked off – the owners of the property came to the front door and I invited them inside. I was running a little late during due to my packing, and they were kind enough to give me a later checkout. As I was in the bedroom zipping up my bags, they inspected the shower screen door. They came back to the bedroom and insisted I pay for it there and then.

When I declined this absurd request and told them to take it up with Airbnb, things got nasty. We went back and forth a few times on the matter until he lost his temper with me and he began raising his voice. I told him I was leaving the apartment which is when he locked the bedroom door with me inside. He told me that he was going to lock me in until the police came because I owed him money for the apartment.

When I tried to leave, he became physical with me and pushed me back into the bedroom. I ended up ripping the door from its hinges so I could escape. I made a run for the front door, where he tried to do the same thing. I forced my way out the front door and managed to get free. It wasn’t without injuries and damage to my property. I sustained a torn ligament to one shoulder and a dislocation to the other.

During the ordeal, irreparable damage was also done to some personal belongings inside my luggage. I am now trying to figure out what to do in terms seeking damages as a result of this experience. Any help in terms of being pointed in the right direction would really be appreciated.

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  1. Since when is contacting the police ever not an option? What country are you in? Did you even contact Airbnb about the shower door? Becoming physical is never an option for me. That sounds like a bad choice, which will cost you and them.

  2. Dont forget the part about ripping the bedroom door off its hinges and trying to do the same to the front door. All while dragging or carrying luggage which got damaged. Sigghhh

    • Contacting the police was obviously not an option. Remember, the owner already called the police and he/she needed to escape before the police to arrived.

  3. Shower door broke from hinges and fell on you, these are your own words. you then say you removed the door…. 😀

    If what you said is true you would have called the police there and then and filed a report.

    No I see through your claim culture bullshit and I think a lot of others will also.

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