1. The same exact thing happened to me. I reported the issue to them 3 weeks ago, and today I finally called customer service again after not receiving any responses. The rep asked for my name, birthday, AND PAYMENT METHOD! Why does my payment method matter? I was asked to enter my payment method on my account, which I will never do becaus I’m sure it’s be compromised AGAIN.

  2. Go to Walmart/a check cashing place/anywhere that sells reloadable Visa cards. Put $20-$50 and plan on using it for groceries/whatever.

    Use your newly purchased reloadable card as your payment method on Airbnb, delete your old payment info. Good sites don’t physically delete accounts, but do physically delete payment info. Keeping payment info around – encrypted or not – is a liability that most smart companies don’t want to deal with.

    Having read through these reviews, I’m not sure that’s the case w/ Airbnb. Thanks for the warnings, both hosts and guests.

  3. Why would anyone take that treatment from a vendor when you can just dispute the charge with your credit card company?

    Why would anyone feel stuck with a booking with a company which was involved in credit card fraud?

    I would have disputed all the charges with my credit card company and at the slightest hint of need, I’d have asked the credit card company to cancel that card and issue a new card/number. Let Airbnb try to submit charges to a closed account.

    • Good call. New payment regulations put the fault on the least-complaint point – and the weakest link is typically the application. I don’t see Airbnb staying in business past 2017.

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