1. I’m sorry. They are run by inexperienced staff and are too big to manage processes or make fair decisions with this kind of business model. It’s not a franchise model as these are people’s homes. It’s kind of a wonder the system works at all. We were booted after 9 years based on what we will never know a guest said about the experience (likely just to get a refund).

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of being an Airbnb host. I only operated as a host for around a year and found Airbnb to be despicable and the entire experience to be deplorable. It only takes one or two guests who even though Airbnb could see on a security camera in a public area damaging my personal property for some unseen individual buried in the Airbnb Administration probably a 20 year old with no work experience or life experience sitting in a bean bag chair somewhere on the planet deciding to dump a host without any kind of review. Once that is done you are persona non grata and they won’t respond and your entire history and records are destroyed in an instant impossible to retrieve. Airbnb like all these other frat-boy businesses that have popped up online consisting of absolutely nothing and being run by people with zero business sense are an abomination. Airbnb like uber, Lyft and other such companies encourage the worst bottom feeding kind of guests and hosts alike. they disregard anyone who tries to operate under their draconian rules.

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