1. Same thing just happened to me. Super host for 5 years. Glowing reviews. I still have no clue what happened, but a guest with zero reviews got me booted. My guests after her all gave me 5 star reviews. Now all my upcoming rezos are cancelled and I can’t access my account. Airbnb never had my back when I had issues with guests.

  2. If you need back on, your.rentals will manage your listing for 10%. NOT a very efficient company, but better than nothing and cheap. Sadly, Airbnb competitors just don’t book many guests.

  3. Similar situation here. After being a superhost with mostly 5 starts, airbnb cancelled my account, my property manager account, Permanently. I had let a guest use the garage to store some items while she went for 5 days to the beach. She returned, picked up her things, and called me that her shoes were missing. Well…sorry…I have no idea what she had, but I am not insuring her for unknown items when she got to keep her things for free as a favor. She threatened to tell airbnb that I was “sexually harassing” her, which had never happened. Airbnb shut me down without letting me know what exactly the incident was (none existed so it had to be made up). Go with Expedia…I’m fully booked. And they will back the hosts.
    Airbnb guests…just make a serious false claim against your hosts if you want them permanently kicked off their platform. All hosts come to expedia ….and you will not be sorry. airbnb is going down.

  4. It seems to be a common thread among the dot-com corporations whose business models position them as leasing agents, to scapegoat the host in order to avoid responsibility.

    They will claim it’s just their “policy,” but it’s easy to find examples of the same companies waving rules and policies when the guest is at fault.

    Here Air BnB wanted to put it all on you, because they were very likely exposed legally for endangering a minor.

    I hope you found an Air BnB competitor to work with. VRBO is one that existed long before Air BnB, & did very well. Also stay tuned: you may discover a new competitor! 😉

  5. Hi there,
    I had a similar issue. My place was left totally damaged, carpets stained, wardrobes damaged, smoke detector pulled out, a painting Slashed, guitar broken, glass broken, cups thrown in garden bed, cigarettes everywhere, alcohol bottles and rubbish left all over the place, alcohol, blood, faeces, vomit, chewing gum and God knows what else left in my bathroom and the list goes on. Stay on top of Air bnb, be insistent and persistent. They turned my place into a brothel & had 4- 5 girls in there according to surveillance coming in and out of the place. Took me over a month to get compensated with receipts etc but keep hounding them till you get a response. I know how hard it is as your source of income but tell them your not happy, dissatisfied and as a superhost will go to their competitors. Hope this helps..dont give up, be persistent and insistent.

  6. Something similar happened to me. It just isn’t worth it. The risk is too high even with investment property. Take my advice. Steer clear of airbnb!

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