Airbnb Fraud Lets Unsuspecting Guests Access Our Home

My husband and I own a house out of state that has been vacant and on the market for over a year. The other night our neighbors contacted us to notify us there were multiple cars and motorcycles parked in our driveway with a party going on inside. After an investigation by the police, we found out our house had been listed on Airbnb by a host. We have never rented our home nor given any individual permission to list our home for rent.

There were pictures attached to the Airbnb posting from Zillow as well as cell phone pictures taken from outside our home looking through windows/glass doors to the inside as well as pictures taken from inside of our home. The renters showed the police their rental confirmation. The police were relatively uninterested because they said this happens all the time, that fake listings are put up and people show up and can’t get in. But in this case, these people had been given instructions to access our home.

We have contacted Airbnb through several methods and been told that this will be addressed by the appropriate team. We’ve asked the call center operator to speak with a supervisor and she hung up. Three days later and Airbnb still hasn’t taken down the listing or returned our phone calls. There is clearly no sense of urgency on the part of Airbnb in assisting us with finding the person who is still out there who knows how to access our home.

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  1. If you document the damage, airbnb will pay attention. If you had underage girls with a man, I would have called the police immediately and had them evicted. Why did you put up with any of this?????????

  2. I am dealing with a similar issue – only the house is occupied. It has been listed by someone and people show up expecting a place to stay for the night. Let me know if you are able to come to a resolution with airbnb – I’d love to know how. It is surprising that they wouldn’t quickly suspend the listing, but they refuse to so far.

  3. They probably gained access into your home by breaking in and probably changed the locks and got new keys. It wouldn’t be too difficult to unlock a front door or back door. The boldest part is that whoever listed your home must know that no one lives there often. I’ve heard of pictures of unfurnished and furnished houses that are stolen from Zillow being posted on Airbnb before This is the first I’ve heard of people being able to get into a scam listing though. Most customers show up and can’t get inside and I think that’s because the scammers are afraid of letting them in just in case the homeowners are inside or come back often.

  4. Wow – this is scary – why can’t Air BnB be sued for this?

    It’s ridiculous to expect the corporation to do something, and they did nothing.
    They’re avoiding you & hoping you’ll go away…?
    They need to be sued in court!

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