1. This is currently happening to me as we speak. Guest made a complaint on June 29th. i was never notified. On August 1st, they suspended my account. They refuse to tell me what the complaint was. They won’t even give me a phone call. Have been with them for 2.5 years with 7 listings and an overall 5 star rating. See some of the things that the rep wrote below. Un-fucking-believable..

    REP WROTE: The safety of our community is our priority, so we take such reports seriously.
    MY RESPONSE: What was the incident? You still have not told me.

    REP WROTE:: We will be assessing the various explanation and documentation (if any) provided by both parties.
    MY RESPONSE: i haven’t had the chance to provide any documentation or any explanation or even know the details of the situation.

    REP WROTE:: We know that disputes can be difficult for both host and guest, which is why we strive to remain as neutral as possible when resolving these issues.
    MY RESPONSE: How are you guys being neutral when you have only heard and are only evaluating the guest’s story? As the host, i am totally confused and in the dark here.

    The rep sounds totally in collusion with the guest. If these are the terms of their trust and safety department, i think a civil suit is warranted because clearly they are not followng those terms.

  2. This absolutely looks like something ABB would do – make a host keep a reservation in spite of non payment followed by a guest complaint to cover themselves! It’s discouraging.

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