Fleeced and Kicked Out by Crazy Airbnb Host

This nightmare began when I saw an ad for a three-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac in Walton, Kentucky. I contacted Airbnb and made a reservation only to find out the address that I was sent to wasn’t the correct address. I called the host who gave me an address some 30 minutes away.

When I got there, there wasn’t any three-bedroom cul-de-sac; it was a rundown trailer park with a bunch of rundown trailers. When I got inside, the nightmare turned real: the floors had large holes in it with pieces of carpet trying to conceal it.

There was another guest there that told me to run but I thought he was joking. The host put him out for telling me and I told her she should put locks on the doors so guests could have privacy. She flipped out on me.

I stayed up that entire night and went to work the next day. When I came back, she had changed the locks and kept my stuff. I contacted Airbnb because I had nowhere to sleep outside. For three days I called Airbnb and they had the nerve to say go get pictures.

Then they said the host refused to give me a refund. Did you really think that I would ever get any resolution? No refund, no calls back, nothing. I just got ripped off. I am going to the news stations to sue.

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  1. “I am going to the news stations to sue” or go get some common sense and stop using Airbnb and head to a hotel. I’m confused, you were completely duped, sent 30 minutes away to a different city, willingly went to that different city, willingly enter a trailer with holes in the floor, another “guest” tells you to “run” and then is silenced by the host, and you stay for the night? And then are surprised the next day the “host” changes the locks and keeps your belongings. This is not a case for the police to solve your stupidity.

  2. Did you call the police? The lady had your stuff and locked you out. You had a contract and you put your things in there based on that.

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