First Airbnb Experience – WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

I wanted to book a place to stay with few of our friends.

1. We booked the first place: We let all our friends know and planned everything, then the host contacted me asking for more money!  I had already invited all of my friends and had sent them pics of the place so reluctantly I agreed to pay more!

2. The day after, the host told me that she would be home with her daughter (staying in the same place)!! So to clarify, I had paid twice the price of a 5star hotel to spend the weekend with her and her daughter rather than having the place alone with my friends like we thought —–> AWESOME

3. I cancelled that booking (at this point I still didn’t know that airbnb had already charged me the service fee and would not refund that)

4. I booked a new airbnb place and I sent a message to the owner and he confirmed.   I paid for the booking.  One hour later, he told me that I have only paid for 1 person and asked me for more money. I had paid $500 and apparently it was only for 1 person!  I wanted to cancel the booking BUT I WAS ONLY GETTING BACK $50 OF THE CLEANING FEES OUT OF $500 + lots of stress as I already had invited everyone to fukkn Blue Mountains!!! What am I going to do???  I had to contact Airbnb to cancel, but there’s no number listed.  After 20 minutes of searching I found a phone number —> Called >>>> 30 minutes wait … My case was sent to a “case manager”.

So after wasting 3 hours, lots of stress, and $1200 of my money ON THE AIR (still not refunded), I have absolutely nothing to show for it!  I have invited all of my friends to the Blue Mountains and I’ve sent them the pics and address of the place, BUT I HAVE NO ACTUAL BOOKINGS and I wasted all this time and effort. NOW IT’S TIME TO BEG TO RECEIVE MY MONEY BACK!!

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