Fake Host Rents out Apartment he doesn’t Own

My husband and I are the owners of an apartment. A slimy tenant rented our space on Airbnb without our knowledge. I didn’t notice as he had folks checking in at dawn or very late at night. Everyone may have a guest but I saw this child hanging out our second floor window. We do not rent to folks with kids so we had no window guards. I confronted the tenant. I gave him 30 days’ notice to vacate. Sufficed to say, it was a furnished apartment that he then proceeded to move everything out of. I’m trying to contact Airbnb regarding when he set up the account, what were the rates, and what accounts he had the funds go to. When I saw the listing online it said very clearly the rentals were only booked for property owners. What information did he give them to claim he was the owner? Rates that were posted on their site was $100 per night. Was that per room or per person? I did complain about the post; they took it down but he still had bookings for two weeks. They have choices. Airbnb should give me the information or the police, our attorneys, or the media will do something.

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  1. Take your tenant to the small claims court as subletting without informing the proprietor violates any rental agreement. Set your claim at at least 10 grand – that will teach him a lesson.

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