1. I’m a Superhost currently embroiled in a potential extortion . My guest “lost” first key and refuses to return 2nd key. My home security alarm went off last night so the police came. I told them what had happened with the key thing and the best advice they could offer was to rekey my locks. I texted her and said I’d spoken to the police and her response was, “I’ve also spoken to the police and I’ve got my own concerns. I’ll spell them out in an email tomorrow ” It’s been three days since checkout. When she was booking she claimed Airbnb “couldn’t read” her govt ID so I, like an idiot, unchecked the Verified ID Required box for her. Can’t wait to read her email tomorrow and see her “terms”.

  2. I had an extortionist as well. Airbnb manipulated me and told me not to cave and not to give her the money. They told me they had my back. Oh no they did not. They allowed her to give me a bad review even though I recorded the actual unveiled extortion attempt. Then they acted like I was making it up because I got a bad review even though they knew all along what was happening. Suddenly they got amnesia. This company is so corrupt and so illogical. I always take screen shots of all my booking and I right after that I paid $1500 to get on Home Away. I hate airbnb. That was not the last story. It gets worse. It amazes me that they are still in business. I wish I could go direct with all my guests and not have to deal w them, but I am prepared in case the day comes when they do to me what they did to you. I make all my guests buy Property Damage Protection, give me IDs, and sign a contract that says any disputes will be handled by a real arbitrator or judge. I had to deal w a guy named Kevin T. who did not know what there terms of service and guest refund policy said. I recorded the conversation. When I have time, I will put it up on youtube. It will be call something like Airbnb “Arbitrator” and possible high school drop out Kevin T. lies, and steals $1500 dollars from honest Super Host or something like that.

  3. Superhost here as well : worrying to say the least.

    It makes you think it’s probably not worth the risk to take on bookings from new guests or those that don’t have good feedbacks, even if this means reducing the income.

    On the other hand….I found Airbnb competitors could really boost your bookings BUT I recently cancelled anything but Airbnb as elsewhere there is even less control/no feedback system and I found it’s more likely to receive bookings from guests that do not take good care of your property. I had to claim twice for damage in a small period of time : that’s why I decided to simply just stay with Airbnb.

    One more note….Isn’t this a case of one version vs another ? I know for sure (shown on a UK tv program) that in a similar situation Airbnb reacted exactly like that on a very similar complaint.

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