Evicted by Owners Illegally Converting to Airbnb Hotel

In June 2017, my apartment building was sold to new owners. Within two weeks, the new owners converted one full apartment in the building into an Airbnb, which is illegal if the host is not present in NYC. Day and night, guests cycled in and out of the building. They were loud, rude, and unneighborly. By the first week of July, the owners served my family, who have lived in the building for seven years, with an eviction notice, as well as the other long-time tenants of the building. It is September and our former apartment is now listed on Airbnb. Rather than being a year-round apartment for a family, it allows visitors to treat a place where people live and work as a playground. Airbnb has allowed building owners to turn apartments into hotels, destroying neighborhoods, communities, and worsening housing availability and affordability in a city with a 2% vacancy rate.

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  1. This is just so terrible and disappointing. I don’t understand why landlords/AirBNB hosts feel so entitled to breaking the law. This very situation happened to my friend and they contacted and AirBNB, and AirBNB responded “we are unable to take further action or mediate disputes regarding violations of local laws or 3rd party agreements. If you are in the same building, we recommend contacting your landlord, homeowner’s association, housing authority, or other legal party to promptly help resolve this.”

    If AirBNB is informed that a host is breaking the law, why aren’t they responsible for this information and therefore prevent the continued facilitation of the illegal activity?

  2. most parts of Los Angeles renters are protected. however, due to high demand,many owners are illegally evicting long standing tenants; I have heard 6 stories last few months. upstairs they evicted someone on ruse, false grounds. I thought they paid him more to move; maybe got money for down on house. No. he didn’t talk to me, found out what was going on after he left.. could have stopped eviction; or could sue for damages. you cannot evict tenants to create airbnb in Los Angeles. or to get higher rents. Renters know yr rights. city & county let them get away with it unless you complain to correct authority. Each dept has their own area of responsibility. NY LA owners try to harass existing tenants. & offer small compensation to move. bec most working ppl cannot get mortgages anymore,more & more demand for apts.

  3. Airbnb rentals are illegal in NYC so all you need to do is inform the city council and the apartment owners will be heavily fined. Indeed, it highlights the shady side of greedy Airbnb business…..

  4. I am in total sympathy with you! There is a report that partially blames high rents in Los Angeles on the increasing change from single family dwellings to Airbnb listings. The property next to us, a 4 bedroom house and a 1 bedroom back house are both now Airbnb rentals. We live in a residential neighborhood and we sure didn’t move here to live next door to a hotel! Meanwhile my married kids can’t find anywhere to rent. It’s shameful. I pray you find somewhere to live.

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