1. Yes Alicia, I can understand his reluctance to show her his ID if he was fearing that her companions “might come back to settle whatever it is she was complaining about.” That was a good observation.

  2. You really think the woman was being reasonable? First she tells her guests all her personal baggage about drug-dealer husbands, drunk boyfriends, and her personal bias against middle-easterners and their “smell”… Then she comes over in a bikini to ask for a copy of his ID (ID should definitely go through the secure settings of Airbnb) accuses him of sexual harassment, calls security (NOT Airbnb), and you think the guest should just trust her? Yes, she doesn’t know him, but he doesn’t know her either! She could copy his ID and give the info to her drug-dealer/ courier ex-husband or her newer ex, the drunk. I am a woman and I wouldn’t trust her or her taste in companions (who might come back to settle whatever it is she was complaining about). Calling Airbnb should have been his first step, not the last. The only good thing is that she will absolutely do this again, and now she has a track record. This Host is obviously out-there, nuts, Loony- toons, and bat shit crazy!

  3. Why was it unreasonable for a woman living by herself (the host) to request to see the ID of an unknown male guest staying at her place after the registered guest leaves early? She was likely initially concerned for her personal safety and wanted to have a way of holding you responsible in case you damaged her house. Then, after you refused to comply with such an understandable request, she got scared and called for help.

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