Don’t Stay with DeLonta in Los Angeles

FIRST: DO NOT STAY WITH DE LONTA IN LOS ANGELES!! HIS BOOKING IS LISTED AS “PRIVATE ROOM, SAFE, COMFORTABLE IN HOLLYWOOD” I booked his flat for a night, not only did he give me a FAKE ADDRESS, he simply stopped communicating with me the day of the booking. I tried for 8 hours to reach him and to get AirBnB to straighten out this problem. Now he is STILL LISTING HIS FLAT. AirBnB says that they “are working with him”. How is that the right thing to do? I don’t think someone who gives a false address and then disappears should be allowed to continue to profit from AirBnB business, do you? How many other travelers will have the same problem I did? SECOND: AirBnB should have a plan in place to make sure their hosts are reliable, and honest and “safe”! All I got was a refund and they think I should be happy about that. My trip was completely ruined. Too bad, it’s a great idea but not backed up by a very good business plan.

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