Does my mistake excuse their potheadedness?

So I will start this off by saying…my dog somehow managed to jump thru a screen window at my host’s place while I was away for a few hours, because I don’t usually need to kennel my dog. Not only that but who the f*ck can possibly, logically presume the creativity of their pets to find a way to jump thru a window screen? However, yes he did this (no excuse), but my host and his wife were ACTUALLY THERE when it happened, and total potheads to the point that they were kind enough to NOT even bother to show me the simple courtesy of calling or spending 15 seconds of their time to send a message to let me know it happened…so I could hurry my f*cking ass back there to attend to the problem I created. So I arrived at ~3 PM that day to find my dog wandering their neighborhood, my hosts not even there, but away from their property. And upon returning later they didn’t even address the fact that they didn’t let me know it happened but were so fucking lazy with following up on it later in their Airbnb claim was to go on and look up window screens (since has the most diverse solution/market for window screens) and pick the most advanced solution available for their flimsy, aluminum window screen my dog ruined – which was probably 3 times more than it was worth – and request to charge that premium. And on top of that tacked on a pillow that had a stain – which I didn’t even use because I brought my own orthopedic pillow – but the claim they made had me reimbursing them for a set of pillows rather than one. All of this after their untrained farm dog attacked my dog at one point during my stay to the point that they had to pull their dog off of him… Thanks Airbnb…I really appreciate the ‘services’ you provide…

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