Disgusting, Unsafe Accommodation Forces me to Leave


There were some issues at my Airbnb property: an unsafe environment, and unclean accommodations. It was not as described. Sadly upon arrival at the booked accommodation I was greeted by what I can only describe as the British version of Beirut. Within the property I found a substandard and not as described room which was unsafe, dank, dark and dirty. In all honesty my heart sank at the rundown room that I discovered was where I was to stay, with a balcony door that led out onto a definitively questionable easy to access area of disrepair with a lock that wouldn’t keep a Care Bear out, let alone a rapist at 3:00 AM. I have never felt so unsafe in my life.


Upon checking the rest of the facilities, I discovered wires hanging from the ceiling and walls, a garden with rubbish bags, a fridge full of expired food and quite frankly disgusting fermented urine within the toilet; that musky aroma overpowered my nose and sent me to tears. A public toilet was cleaner and safer that the property that was meant to be of a high standard.


Due to the panic attack that ensued and the pictures I took, which horrified one of my friends in Scotland, they swiftly booked me into a hotel as it was so bad there was no way any of us would of been able to sleep due to fear of my safety. The bed sheets appeared stained and mucky, the curtains were damp, and the whole flat was a safety risk with the lack of security and exposed wires above what I can only assume was meant to be considered a dining table.

This, regardless of Airbnb’s terms and conditions, is not acceptable. They have failed to provide a service to a reasonable standard. This also falls under the remit of not as described and failure to provide a standard of reasonable care to a service user. I’m requesting a full refund as well as compensation for the Uber and hotel room that was required due to Airbnb’s safeguard failings for which both receipts of which are included. I wish this matter to be resolved in a timely manner. If this is not resolved within 28 days I will be pursuing a legal case via small claims for all costs incurred while attempting to use Airbnb as well as compensation for the stress.

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  2. The property does not look bad at all for AirBnB. You do know properties have different standards, and if you want a hotel-standard property, you should pay for a hotel?

    We can’t comment on the smell or the lock, and UK weather often makes things look drab. There isn’t anything in your photos that supports your view this property was sub-standard (in relation to what you may have paid).

  3. The terms of service as well as guest refund policy state you must contact Airbnb within 24 hours and allow the host the opportunity to remedy any issues you encounter in order to be considered for any refund.

    It seems like you didn’t do that, so you won’t be eligible for any refund. Also, you should read the terms. You waived your right to sue Airbnb when you agreed to the terms in favor of mediation.

    I’m not sure why you didn’t do this but some lessons cost money.

  4. This complaint obviously is coming from someone better suited to a hotel. The complainer paid $22 per night–according to Tripadvisor the cheapest hotel in Milton Kaynes is $35 per night. So you get what you pay for. The wire hanging from the ceiling is a cable TV connection. It is not unsafe. Even if it was connected to the cable TV transmitter it is 40-60 volts– nowhere near enough voltage to hurt anyone.. Most properties retrofitted with cable TV wiring are wired like that. As for the bag of garbage, obviously, someone was too lazy to open the trash can to put it inside, In the time it took to gripe about it, the complainer could have put it in the trash can or called the host and made them come to do it. I have stayed in hotels where slobs have left garbage bags in hallways, parking lots, etc.Obviously even the most attentive staff is not going to address it immediately. If the writer is that sensitive to ONE bag or garbage NEXT to the garbage can, Airbnb is definitely not for them.

  5. “The British version of Beirut”? I can assure you that many Beirut inhabitants have a lot more style and good education compared to your pathetic, bigoted rant. Why do you bother travelling at all?

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