Airbnb Believes Lying Guests With No Proof

I am a Superhost and have 12 properties on Airbnb. I had a couple arrive one hour late and so they had to wait for me for 15 minutes because I was fixing a plumbing leak. I greeted them and offered to help them carry their bags but they were nasty. I usually go in and walk them through the entire place. I sat down and opened up my instruction book and they made it clear they wanted me out of there. The husband was rude and negative about anything I tried to say.

I left and sent them an email apologizing, asked if the place was okay, and to let me know if they needed anything. I was in a condo on the same property two minutes away. I never heard from them. If they saw me and I said hello, they said nothing. Now I have asked if anything is wrong and they didn’t care to tell me.

The couch has an old sofa bed and I don’t advertise it as a sofa bed. I say the unit comes with a queen bed. Well, as I suspected, they reviewed me on Airbnb saying that the dishes were dirty, the floors were dirty, the sofa bed was uncomfortable (they were husband and wife), and there was pee by the toilet. When I walked in with them none of this was there that I was aware of. The same day I asked if there were any issues and they didn’t respond.

How does Airbnb allow reviews like this when I clearly communicated with them the very first day but they refused to talk to me? There needs to be a policy where Airbnb tells the guests that they must first communicate with the host immediately with any issues. Allowing them to post lies should actually be considered slander. Airbnb is ruining our reputation and eventually this will be a big problem. They also had the nerve to send out these automated messages telling me that my place has been rated a 3.5 which could be a problem for me.

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  1. Can you not rate these guests with a low rating, stating they were rude and made up lies about your property/their stay? This would warn other hosts so any future hosts might decide to reject a booking request from these people.

  2. Wow, reading your comment I relate what you mean! But for me it was the other way around. My host posted lies about me in a bad review, and when I told AirB&B that I could prove he was lying and asked them to take it down, they said they wouldn’t. AirB&B has been ignoring me ever since, but still sends me automated emails on how to be a better guest. This is incredibly disheartening when I know what he said wasn’t accurate!

  3. Pumkin – that never worked for me. I had to delete that listing. Those guest lied two times. What I have learned is that once a guest asks for something, they want it but if there is an extra charge, they change their mind and then use the resource anyway. Like pay for 4 people and 9 people show. Don’t want to pay for their pet even though it is clearly in the listing as an add on. Come on – AIRBNB – I can’t give away my home below cost.

  4. Try and get it removed as pumpkin suggested. But don’t stress. Twice our place has been rated as a 3 with no complaints whatsoever. We are now on 740 reviews with 96% of them being 5 Stars. Thankfully those miserable guests are in the minority.

  5. Send a firm message to Airbnb support that this review does not respect review guidelines and you would like to see it removed. That usually does the trick:)

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