Disgusting Suite, Silence on Refund from Airbnb


We arrived at the Airbnb in Tel Aviv at 5:45 PM, tired after a long day of traveling. The earliest check-in was at 3:00 PM, but the suite had not been turned over. It was very unclean and there wasn’t even toilet paper or unused linens. We had to book a last minute hotel so we could rest.

The next thing I did was contact the host and request a refund. He said “okay” but it’s been more than 48 hours and my credit card had been charged nearly $900 (before the money I had to spend on alternate accommodations) and I haven’t heard anything back.

I also contacted Airbnb via chat about the issue right away. They responded at first but then said they’d have to get back to me. No help. I waited more than 48 hours. No response, so I messaged for an update.

It’s now been about 60 hours and there’s been no refund and no response from either Airbnb or the host. They charged me before I checked in so they should refund me immediately. Now I’ve been on hold trying to talk to someone for almost 25 minutes. No response. I have been a long time client of Airbnb since 2011 but I’ve changed my mind about them. It isn’t what it used to be.

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  1. I had a very similar experience.
    Bottom line…. Airbnb has called me on a few occasions trying to sound like they cared.
    As soon as I wrote a less then good review on the house the host wrote a bad one on me.
    Airbnb pulled my review and left the hosts review. Airbnb is now very unreachable.

  2. Good luck with Airbnb; I have the same issue with them since early May and it has not been resolved.

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