1. Thanks for your post and your comment Sharon. Airbnb arbitrarily suspended my listing’s visibility too. I had a. sked for a certain form from them related to double taxation of airbnb’s revenues, to comply with Portuguese regulations RFI-21. They then asked for me to fill my name and tax ID on the form and to send it back to them in duplicate–they had this info in their system. I did not immediately comply as I felt it was an arbitrary request–I need this form, not them. In the end I caved after they suspended visibility of my listing. They did not restore access though, and reading your story I am worried it might take months. So I have started looking into long-term rentals. I could not find a good alternative to airbnb, wish there was a site like the original airbnb

  2. Make your complaint public on the Air BNB Facebook page. State the info written here. I had luck using this procedure when my guest account was deactivated. Good luck!

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