Currently Stuck in an Airbnb Nightmare

Unfortunately, we are still here and too scared to give the full story until we are a safe distance away from our host’s seriously mentally deranged mother. We are desperate to escape from this nightmare Airbnb stay but our house is still being repaired. If our host’s mother were to find out that we had spilled the beans about her she would lock us out as she has done on several occasions. My partner and I have extensive careers with the Met Police Constabulary – we have both worked with some of the UK’s nastiest criminals – but our host’s mother is, without a doubt, the most cunning, sly, compulsive liar that either of us has ever met. Please hold our ‘comments’ until we are in a safe location – which is in less than a week’s time. We need to warn people about this particular Airbnb accommodation in St Leonards Hastings UK.

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  1. I am convinced that Airbnb is a failed business model that is perpetuated by its ability to snare the unsuspecting public via advertising and other means. For the time being they are riding a wave of income from fees and ignoring the groundswell of adverse opinion by stonewalling consumer complaint and outrage via the inherent design of their website. The one time customer is considered a positive model for them; they collect their fee!

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