1. To ‘David Aaron’: you may be one of the most inconsiderate people I’ve ever read the comments of.
    To the original poster: if I were you I’d contact your credit card company not airbnb. It’s not clear from what you wrote how your card details were stolen. It may well be airbnb’s fault (they would hardly be the first company to ‘lose’ user’s credit card details, nor to store their passwords (which they should never do)), but you’ll never get them to admit a thing (it would open the floodgates to endless claims against them). On the other hand, your details could have been stolen from any other place you entered them. Only you know where you used your card. Contact your card company. Depending where you are, they should have some kind of insurance in place to protect you against what you describe, and they should refund you, if you can convince them it wasn’t you that stayed at the places the card paid for.

  2. Yes Airbnb should have known this would happen and sent a security detail around to stop it. Shame on you Airbnb!

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