COVID Refund Nightmare Over France Airbnb Cancellation


My family of four was supposed to travel to France at the end of June. Clearly with the state of things we can’t go. I cancelled the reservation.

On my host’s page, it clearly says that I am entitled to a 50% refund minus the Airbnb service charges. When I talked to Airbnb, they told me that the host had refused the refund due to her “strict policies”. The host told me (albeit with a language barrier) that it was Airbnb. I also received a message after cancellation stating the amount I was to receive back. I have verified this with a lawyer in my family.

Now Airbnb won’t answer my messages and I am totally stuck. There’s no way that anyone will be travelling to France anytime soon, but I am so angry that I want my money back on principle. We even offered to take a full credit to use another time but they refused that as well. The blame game going on is astounding. This is the worst customer service I have ever received, and we are both in the hospitality industry so know a thing or two about this.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Exactly the same has happened to me! Just happy for 100% refund Airbnb day because I cancelled too early I won’t get the full amount! Ridiculous.

  2. Had to cancel our Tasmanian holiday in April due to coronavirus I was informed we would get full refund they hav taken full payment after the cancellation and we still do not have our refund do not know what to do to get money back

  3. I sympathise with you as I am a host in South Africa and I am struggling to get Caronavirus relief that has been offered. It has been two months and I discovered the difficulty of trying to get hold of their offices, the contact of which is not readily available.

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