1. You sound like a vile person. You have no right to intrude on someone’s privacy, but you did, and during a time when we are all already stressed because of the pandemic—your guest the more so because he was fleeing a city encased in death. Under normal circumstances, your boundary violation would be creepy, but during a pandemic, it’s also stunningly self-centered. How do you get off acting so aggrieved? You lied: you say in one part of the narrative that you intruded because you thought he wouldn’t hear your knocking, and then in another part you say you told AirBnB that you thought you heard him reply that you could come in.

    You also moved his stuff without so much as bothering to politely tell him so. You truly seen incredibly clueless. I hope you remain stripped of hosting privileges. If you don’t know how to act as a guest, that’s because you don’t understand boundaries.

  2. Seems odd that you reap the benefits of using your home as a B and B then complain about AirBnB business model. I have no sympathy fior hosts who ruin our neighborhoods by inviting strangers to live with them. Now you know how your neighbors feel. 🙁

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