Couple Comes and Destroys Serenity with Airbnb Rentals

We bought our land two years ago. We built and moved in last year. This is (was) our dream home: quiet and secluded on a pristine lake. Not a big lake, a very small one that is non-navigable.

A few months after we moved in, a few chalets started popping up. I turns out it’s all the same couple that built them… for the sole purpose of short-term rentals. They have turned our nice, quiet neighbourhood into a constant stream of loud strangers who disrespect the surroundings and the nature.

I’ve had to call the police numerous times. I’ve even had a renter call the cops on me accusing me of making death threats with a shovel (which is BS). I am in the process of taking this up with the city to get their rental permit revoked. In our HOA it states that the lots are for residential habitations only and cannot be used as a commerce or business, even liberally.

These people don’t live here and I, along with the other owners, have had enough. Quite frankly, f$#& Airbnb. Airbnb, and other short-term rental companies like them need to be outlawed entirely. This is unfair to people who just want peace and quiet.

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  1. if you call the police too many times they cease to care what is going on and YOU become the problem, the name with an asterisk. Document, document, document, video with sound is best, if you can afford it. Be careful to be well within the law yourself. Only call when there is something especially outrageous going on. You will probably wind up needing an attorney. Hopefully you can band together with other neighbors. Too many people are willing to endure a LOT before rousing themselves to action.

  2. PS: If legal, put up some web cams overlooking the lake and the holiday properties, start a livestream channel to display the nature there. I bet holiday makers aren’t going to be happy to be on camera 24/7 online, but that’s not your problem. Make sure you keep calling the police on any antisocial and criminal behaviour.

  3. 100% Agree with you. I would demand the business stops and that you also be compensated for the major inconvenience and detriment to your enjoyment of your home. If this illegal rental endeavor doesn’t get banned, sell your house and take the owner to court for losses/damages. I would also get the media involved, especially if your local government is not enforcing the laws (which will state you can’t just start a hotel somewhere).

  4. Update on this – the city agrees it goes against the regulations of short-term rentals placed by the city. They are sending a warning (cease and desist) as well as a copy of the rules to the owners. If they continue, I can go back to the city and they will take care of it.

    They’re done. We’ve won.

  5. Indeed, start legal action, get the local press involved and turn to social media. Find out who the legal owners are, report them to inland revenue, and keep calling the police……. Unacceptable to have your peace and quiet disturbed.

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