Constant Noise from Airbnb Guests Annoys Neighbors

My next door neighbour owns 15 properties in Dublin, and unfortunately we happen to live next to one of them. The listing says up to six people are allowed (for a two-bedroom apartment), which effectively allows big groups of friends to rent it. As a results, every other weekend we suffer from loud music and noises coming from this apartment. Our efforts to speak to the visitors is nothing more than a short-term solution. They might listen and somewhat calm down but there are new people every few days. We’ve never seen the owner, and we unable to discuss this matter with him. We’ve been forced to file a complaint with Airbnb, but still have yet to receive a reply.

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  1. The home behind mine was recently sold and is being used as an airbnb sleeping 16 people and advertised as a party type home. That’s exactly what has happened and no one seems to care. Call the cops, is the advise, but it’s low on their priorty list. I actually was able to speak with the owner who did not care – she states “it’s my home and we’ll do as we like” without any respect for our quiet neighborhood. Her solution was for us to get thicker windows. Peoples lack of caring and respect has gotten out of hand and airbnb has an opportunity to correct that, but I imagine they’d rather not loose the money. Airbnb -please step up to the plate and do the right thing!!!!!

  2. I really feel for you and totally understand. I live next to huge renovated house in Brisbane Queensland, Australia. The large 5 bedroom house is openly advertised as a party venue. We have been struggling with the owners, local police, council etc for 3 years. Our family of 4 (2 young children) has suffered enough. We have multiple complaints in with Air BNB but always get the same generic email response “advising the owners and suggest we contact local authorities”. Air BNB take no responsibility and don’t want to know. The owners are raking in a fortune at our expense. We have been going though hell, woken at nights at least 3 times a week, abused, assaulted with flying bottles and rubbish left all over our front verge.

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