Ungrateful Airbnb Host After Uneventful Stay

I am shocked after spending a nice time in Ador, Valencia. The trip was fine. We spent most of the time outdoors, went to the beach… the usual plan when you are in Spain during the summer.

Our problem was that the owner left and left his girlfriend in charge of checking on us (my boyfriend, our sausage dog and myself). The day before leaving, this lady came up to us asking what time we were leaving on the last day. The expected time was 11:00 AM but she agreed to let us stay until 12:00 PM without moaning.

The last day we woke up around 11:00 AM; I realized that my period had stained the sheets and told the lady. She didn’t say anything about cleaning and I thought that cleaning fees would cover getting the sheets into the washing machine. What a bad time to be human and a woman who got her period.

We left in a rush because we were already late. I thought that the house wasn’t perfect (soft beds that aren’t comfortable). There were very basic kitchen appliances and hardly no railings on very steep stairs which I don’t recommend, and no protection net around the pool that out looks on a very beautiful view. But still, it was very dangerous especially for dogs or kids. My boyfriend had to rescue our dog as she fell on to some rocks but couldn’t make her way back due to the high wall that she couldn’t climb.

I made a very nice review as I always do, and I really regret doing so, because the owner who wasn’t there has written the most appalling review, commenting about the blood (which was obviously an accident), saying that our dog was in the pool all the time (that’s a lie, you have to get her in, and we only did that once) and mentioning that we didn’t take the garbage out, something that I would have done but forgot due to the rush.

Honestly, I gave them five stars but they deserve none. We didn’t leave dirt behind intentionally and I believe that cleaning fees should at least cover that. I would like to change my review and give realistic feedback. I only gave compliments when I should have said what was wrong as well.


Unacceptable – Airbnb Complaint Not Answered

We booked an amazing house in Brenton-on-Sea Knysna, South Africa all through the Airbnb official site, then paid in full on June 12. The host confirmed the booking and supplied an Airbnb booking reference. The Airbnb host confirmed payment was received.

When we went back online it stated on their site that we had paid and we were going to this house. But on the app it doesn’t reflect as an upcoming trip. The host keeps on saying she has had these issues before, but we are still not getting the confirmation on their app. The host keeps on saying she will get back to us.

We have logged several requests for help with the customer service people and they keep on closing our claims without resolving anything. The amount paid upfront to the Airbnb bank account in the UK was substantial as we paid in full. We are very concerned as we cannot see our booking online, the link the host has sent for the offer has expired, and the listing of the house has been removed from Airbnb. The host says she has removed the listing as she cannot attend to any more enquiries for this house. This is a ridiculous, vicious circle.


Airbnb Promised 25% COVID-19 Relief That Requires Work

I received an email from Airbnb at the beginning of the pandemic explaining the 25% relief reimbursement I would receive for qualifying cancelled reservations This email stated: “You need to do nothing — this reimbursement will be automatic.”

To the contrary, I have had to bring each qualifying reservation to the attention of Airbnb and then be disappointed in the small amount they determine with their formula. Thankfully, I took screenshots of my reservations when the pandemic began, because now there are some reservations and cancellations I can no longer find in my Airbnb inbox or calendar.

Most upsetting is that one of my guests that cancelled due to COVID-19 and within Airbnb’s 25% reimbursement policy received what I was told was a “full refund,” but this was really a “store credit” with Airbnb to use it another time on any Airbnb listing.



Runaround Getting My Tax Records from Airbnb


Not an interesting story, but annoying. I was an Airbnb host and got suspended for terms of service without any explanation. That isn’t what I’m writing about now; that happened in beginning of 2019.

A few months ago, the government was offering money for COVID relief so I realized I had better file my 2018 taxes which I hadn’t done. I needed my Airbnb records, but because my account is suspended, I couldn’t get them myself.

I tried to contact support who wrote me back but the messages went to my Airbnb inbox, which I cannot check because I’m suspended. I finally called and explained the situation. They said someone would contact me. Someone from another team contacted me the same day. I couldn’t read more than the first sentence and couldn’t reply, so I called again.

This pattern repeats every time I call. I’m too lazy to dig up all the messages and emails, but it’s been three months and I still don’t have my records.

Today I decided to try again. I waited on hold 114 minutes before I gave up. 88 minutes into that, I dialed in with another phone too so two phones were waiting on hold; the second one only for 26 minutes when we gave up. This is ridiculous.

Attached is the last response I got. I can’t read more than the first sentence because the website only tells me “We’ll get back to you shortly. Someone from our team will review the information you provided and follow up with you soon.” This hasn’t happened. Not shortly. And the app doesn’t work either.


Unfairly Blocked my Account After Guest Lied

Airbnb blocked my account. I had a guest back in May and her boyfriend was very disrespectful and immature. I had surveillance cameras; one is on the main hallway that captured him flipping his middle finger and cursing at me.

Up to that point, I had not had any contact with this individual. When I asked the guest why, she apologized and kept saying she liked my place and this was why she rebooked for the third time. They were very loud and dirty. I have another guest in the room across from them who was also complaining so when their stay was over I just let other guests book the room.

Well the problem I have now is that the boyfriend wrote three bad reviews for every time they booked and not only that, he called Airbnb and lied about my listing, saying that I have cameras inside the rooms. Let’s get this clear: I do not have any cameras inside any private areas.

Airbnb blocked all my listings and then contacted me. I assured them that I don’t have cameras.

It’s coming up on almost a month since they blocked me. I only have a couple emails from them telling me to specify where the cameras are—which I did from the very beginning of me creating my account.

Please help me; I need this income. I’m not working due to the pandemic and I invested a lot of money renovating and furnishing the apartment.


Airbnb Host Review is a Means to Extort Hosts

I can’t convey the degree of muck and disgust added to my life from being an Airbnb host. I have a nice, well-maintained, and spotless home in a nicer part of town. I spent months and thousands preparing my home for hosting, including a local license and expensive changes to meet short-term rental requirements according to local code, along with new furniture and mattresses in guest rooms and other parts of the home, and an expensive internet connection.

One of my first guests left a negative and false review clearly caused by him not reading the details of my ad. Airbnb didn’t care that I told them the review was illogical and clearly based on his not reading the ad. I came to understand that Airbnb’s standard reply is that it shouldn’t matter because good reviews will outweigh the bad ones. My response was that guests are entitled to their opinions, but not fabricated ones or ones based on the guest’s not reading the ad.

Not long after, I contacted Airbnb again when a local couple who had repeatedly rebooked to extend their stay, never telling me but springing it on me knowing that if I knew, I would have prevented their ability to rebook because one member of the duo was extremely difficult. They finally had to leave because other guests booked the room. Angered that it was somehow my fault, they retaliated by leaving a fake review.

On the day they were to leave, one member of the duo left with their vehicle, supposedly coming back at the official check-out time, but when he didn’t show, it was clear he intended to pick up the other guest only when they could check into their next place four hours later. The remaining guest refused to remove all of her belongings from their guest room and bathroom so that I could prepare it for the next guest, leaving me to do it while the guest lounged around and made excuses and ugly, snappy remarks.

Waiting four or more hours against raising an alarm with neighbors by calling the police, I avoided her and made due; when the boyfriend finally came to retrieve his girlfriend, she left screaming that she would cancel her credit card to ensure I wouldn’t receive any additional payment and screaming even more obscenities like some backwoods hobo.

Knowing I could still contact Airbnb to ask for payment for their overstay, the crazy guest used the host review to slur me to help ensure she could get out of any additional payment. She also left dog crap all over my yard, which was so plentiful and dried that it was obvious she had taken it out of the garbage that last day and dropped it all over the yard on top of what was already there, again using the host review to pre-empt any request for payment.

Even though I never bothered asking for additional payment, I spent an entire evening trying to have the fake and filthy review removed and learned that it could take a month for a “team” to make a determination whether to remove the host-harming review. That guests can place fake reviews under a host’s account with no requirements for evidence to back their statements is a clear opportunity for guests to use their reviews for extortion.

The boyfriend, whom I contacted to remove the review — since it was under his name, but under her credit card — claimed he had recently broken up with her due to her outlandish and hateful behavior. He agreed to remove the review stating she had broken into his account and the review wasn’t true and certainly not his own sentiments. In fact, he claimed I was the best host he had experienced, which was why they kept renewing.

I waited for him to remove the review, but it didn’t disappear. When he finally called back, he instead attempted to finagle himself a room long-term and also expressed his desire to get to know me more personally. I refused to respond to what appeared to be extortion (served up thanks to Airbnb’s extortion-assisting host review policy).

After another claim that he couldn’t figure out how to remove the slanderous review, I discovered that my evening of repeated angry calls to Airbnb and refusal to accept that it would take up to a month to have the long, hateful, and fake review deleted was finally removed by Airbnb. That this caused me many hours of my time, had endangered me to an extortion-wielding guest who appeared to be hoping for a room and an intimate relationship in exchange for removing the review, caused extreme stress, as it was my only source of income at that time.

This was the direct result of Airbnb’s flat-out dumb policy of allowing guests to say whatever they want and requiring no evidence to back up their statements. I said nothing about the male guest to Airbnb at his urging and frankly, was concerned that if I had, he knew where I lived.

I would never have been placed in that situation had Airbnb not created such a insanely naïve and business-poor host-review policy. I also don’t believe guests would so easily stoop to take advantage of hosts if not for their awareness of Airbnb’s review policy.

The last guest was the last straw. I had converted to hosting only longer-term guests and received one who initially presented himself as congenial, but then one evening, he apparently needed an adrenaline and sick ego boost so tried to lure me into arguments.

When I refused the repeated bait, he spit out a slur clearly hoping to finally spark a verbal confrontation. I again refused the bait. As he arrogantly walked away, he tried to flip it claiming that my mere physical presence weirded him to make his ugly remark. Weakened by revealing his own ugliness without payoff, he avoided further contact with me and the other guest, who was there as a potential witness and who had pegged him as trouble early on after one conversation with him.

The normal guest urged me to cancel the jerk’s reservation. But since I already knew he was there for a limited time, he was avoiding contact, and there had been no further issues, I hoped there would be calm and chalked it up to his astounding immaturity and emotional problems. He did speak to me a few days later to confirm that he would be leaving in a certain number of days, which were already booked.

Instead, the next day, he left, clearly hoping, as a last manipulative act, to stick me without notice to cause financial harm if I was unable, at the last minute, to find another long-term guest. Since he was obligated to pay for his reservation, I didn’t worry, but contacted Airbnb to advise that he had left so they could remove the blocked out dates and my ad could go live again.

What I discovered was that he had additional filth to serve due to Airbnb’s host review policy: he had contacted Airbnb and plotted to stick me without the additional room income by making a false accusation along the lines of claiming he needed to leave because we had a conversation where I expressed sympathy with (to give an equivalent: the despicable acts of ISIS and the Taliban).

He also fabricated a claim that I had told him my residence had been broken into many times, obviously in hopes it would frighten off potential guests if not permanently damage my business. He also wrote all of this in a review. Airbnb “customer service,” who had read the review to me before it was published, told me that since the review included personal attacks, which they don’t allow, as well as a political type of statement, which their policy didn’t allow, it would “eventually” be removed.

Shortly after, Airbnb sent a follow-up email stating they wouldn’t remove his review because it was his opinion. That Airbnb customer service could make such a statement with no emotion, knowing the ramifications, was unbelievable. My foaming reply was that not only were the statements pure fabricated filth, but bore no resemblance to anything based on reality, and that this obvious psychopath was clearly using Airbnb’s stupid host-review policy in hopes it would cause me financial harm by slandering me and my home to future potential guests.

Even though I had by that time had well over 60 positive reviews, Airbnb again refused to remove it. I was seeking full-time employment so told Airbnb that such disgusting fabricated filth could permanently harm my ability to find employment. Airbnb customer service clearly couldn’t care less.

Such a review also put me in jeopardy of someone who might book to attack me for the fake, filthy statements. Apparently, hosts who receive hideous and false reviews are left with no option but to hire an attorney and wait for the slanderous damage to their livelihoods and reputations so that they can then sue for damages. Preventing such filth in the first place is not part of Airbnb policy.

Weeks after the psycho left, he texted me expressing his delight in harming my Airbnb business (apparently, because he no longer could find my ad, he believed his review had prevented my ability to find another guest; but I had taken down my Airbnb ad and found a guest through another venue).

I contacted Airbnb telling them that their failure to tell him they would remove his false and despicable statements was likely the direct cause of why this hideous scum bag was emboldened and still contacting me. From where I sit, this was caused by Airbnb seeing me as an insignificant gnat not worth their time to protect from emotionally unstable and abusive guests when the ability to protect me as a host is fully within their power.

Airbnb has no business sense in how to create a fair review system that also prevents guests from being able to manipulate the system. I’m not alone in being the target of these evil and psychopathic guests. Other hosts have expressed outrage and disgust at a policy that allows guests to fabricate anything about a host or their home without evidence, which Airbnb euphemistically labels “transparent communication,” leaving the host to endure up to a month of fake reviews, damaging their income in the meantime.

If Airbnb refuses to delete it, it could potentially permanently damage their business and their online reputation. In fact, leaving reviews that spark extreme behavior could leave a host open to receiving guests who specifically book them to retaliate against the host based on the fake review.

What Airbnb tells hosts who complain about personal and business harm from fake reviews is that the good reviews will balance out the bad, as though having false and reputation-killing reviews is acceptable and left fully to the host to hire an attorney to sort out. This allows evil guests to have control over a false narrative of the host, which leaves the host in a situation of either allow the filth to be broadcast on Airbnb’s website or remove the account, no matter the expense, time, and effort spent to become a host.

Airbnb Nightmare: Squatters Destroy My Home

My last Airbnb guests have destroyed my home.  They were there for two months without paying.  They have brought cats into the house and have been smoking in violation of my house rules.  This is because Airbnb failed to tell me that they were not paying, and as a result, I extended their stay past one month.

They only just left recently after two months and the house reeks of cigarettes. Cat feces are everywhere. Airbnb will cost me thousands. I’m still waiting for Airbnb to take responsibility so I can make repairs. My whole case is extremely well documented with pictures taken of the interior during this guest’s stay from her own Facebook page.

It’s been one month since these people moved out and I still have no commitment from Airbnb and have lost another month’s rent because of their delay. This is the video I took after the police made sure the guest had left.

Airbnb: Unaccountable During a Crisis

My experience with Airbnb goes back to 2016, but I never had to do anything like this until now. I recently stayed in a place for my family and had an incredible experience. The place was family-like and safe.

After we left, I received a message from the owner asking me for help, knowing I am familiar with the legal system. He was desperate because Airbnb didn’t respond to him. When he agreed to this new reservation, he thought he was getting a family: a married couple and kids. Instead he received a gang of 30+ people in his tiny home (that is made for a small family only).

Airbnb never responded to him. They replied to me when I expressed my concern as a customer, by saying that they will forward my request to another department.

Here is the copy of my request:

“I recently had several experiences with your company that are not very satisfying to me. I have experienced users like me to be disregarded and ignored when something important happened during my experience with Airbnb. And I have also, as it has just happened, with my prior host, the experience of you failing him, when he had to face issues with uninvited guests, a 30+ party of reckless people who care nothing about decency but rather about exploitation.

My family had the most amazing stay with them. We just left. And he is so desperate he had to reach out to me to ask for help because you are unable to assist him. He had a family of four signing up for his home, but instead a gang of 30+ people showed up and are causing havoc to his house. Which, by the way, is incredible and he doesn’t deserve this as a new Airbnb host. He was unable to reach you over one hour of a wait on the phone, so he had to call the police who also didn’t show up right away.

This is unacceptable. I live in San Francisco too so I understand how business works. I’m also a paralegal and I understand how the legal system works. And I would really appreciate if you could fix the problems you create on your end so people do not have to ever call the police. Put your heads together to create a system that actually allows customers to receive a response in a timely manner if they are forced to face with scammy clients. It should be automatic.

You need to be on top of your game no matter what. You are going to lose much more business at this point if you do not improve your customer service and if you use a ‘crisis’ as a way to let go of safety measures. If you are unable to perform to the fullest extent, don’t scam your clients. Just go out of business and allow someone else to take the stage, or face numerous lawsuits. Endangering families and children and elderly because you don’t have enough staff is unacceptable. I’m appalled.”

Airbnb Doesn’t Pay Full Hosting Taxes in Florida

In Florida, Airbnb claims to collect and remit the taxes on our condo rental. Unfortunately, they only do so for the state, which is 6%. Typically hosts can simply go in and add their additional taxes required by their county and other business taxes.

Florida is hard blocked. I have been trying for a month solid to get through, even through messages. I’ve been on hold long enough to be hung up on three times now. It doesn’t seem like a big deal until you understand it is an additional 6% the are not charging. They are only charging my guests 6%. It should be 12%. They are not charging county fees of 5% or BTR 1%. What option do I have? VRBO?