Careful Not to Book with Strict Cancellation Policies

I had reserved an apartment and then the airlines canceled our flight. When I requested a refund, I only received 50% of the paid amount. I gave the host four months’ advance notice. She claimed she had already blocked the dates and would not refund us in full. She could easily unblock the calendar and rebook the place. If I had canceled a reservation four months in advance at any normal hotel or business I would be refunded with no questions asked. This is what makes Airbnb a grind: greedy hosts and company. Be very careful about booking outside of the country these days. There are way too many scams happening abroad. And you really do not want to be stuck in a foreign country in a hellish situation. Stick with reputable hotels and inns. Go to Tripadvisor and get the latest reviews on an accommodation before booking. The reviews on Airbnb are often unreliable. I’m tired of dishonest hosts and listings. It’s not worth the time or money (not to mention frustration) anymore. Guests are not respected. The Airbnb model is currently dysfunctional. Trust and honesty issues are rampant when there is money involved. Don’t shell out your money in advance on often broken promises.

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  1. David Aaron,you right.Im a Airbnb and trip advisor host and I take care of my guests and get just 5 stars review from real guests ( not fake guests) you can’t give a review if you didn’t stay in the place,so please those like Elaine have to be ignored those are trolls ! !

  2. Elaine. Proof? Maybe its just AirBnb hosts (which I am) who are very happy with the organisation and like to see a balanced viewpoint not just bitching an moaning from privileged millennia’s or people who simply cant take responsibility for their own actions. Sure AirBnb isn’t perfect but the majority of bitch sessions posted here are just people who are lazy and don’t read. Am I missing something or are you just trolling?

  3. totally your fault. also, by reading this: “There are way too many scams happening abroad.” I can tell you are from the States. Ignorant much?

  4. So let me get this straight. You booked accommodation fully aware of the cancelation policy and now your pissed off that AirBnb are enforcing it? Then you go on to rant about reviews not being honest? And saying trip advisor is a better platform. WTF? You do realize that anyone can post a review on TripAdvisor but only guests that actually stayed can review on Airbnb? Maybe take responsibility for your own actions and maybe stop being cheap and fork out for travel insurance. Problem solved.

  5. Sounds like somebody needs to do a better job of reading cancellation policies when booking.not a fan of Airbnb but this was entirely your fault

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