Calendar Blocked, No Idea When Airbnb Will Contact Me

After a decade with Airbnb, they suddenly blocked the calendars on all my listings with no explanation. I found out when I was checking my Airbnb calendar (because I have been very busy) and realized that all the dates were blocked.

I have called several times a day for six days now and gotten no explanation as to why this has happened or when it will be resolved. Every time I call I get customer service who says “I am so sorry, we understand but I can’t help you. I will escalate this.”

No matter how hard I push I can’t get through the firewall in place which adheres strictly to the Airbnb “policy”. There is a team (but no one can tell me what team) that supposedly is looking into this issue (which will not be identified). So just like that, Airbnb is preventing me from getting any bookings.

I have contacted Fair Shake because it is wrong for a big company to treat me like this. I also emailed Brian Chesky, but who knows when he will respond. I spent the day posting this on various websites so others are aware of how terrible customer service is with Airbnb. There is literally no one who can answer legitimate questions.

I am looking for alternatives. I started with VRBO. Where else can I post my listings?

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  1. The same thing happened to us a week ago. We first noticed that our calendar was completely blocked then they locked the account entirely. Then they cancelled all of our future reservations with odd messages sent to our guests. We have been a Superhost on AirBnB for 5 years with all 5 star reviews and, ironically, were asked to be Ambassadors earlier this month! We need transaction history for State and Local tax purposes but they won’t send it. We get the same canned email response on all of our inquiries…

    I’m Freddie with Airbnb.

    We’ve determined that your account is affiliated with someone not permitted to be on Airbnb. The types of affiliations we consider to make this determination include things like your location and the email address associated with your Airbnb account.

    As a result, we have removed your account from Airbnb and you will be unable to use the platform in the future.

    Any upcoming reservations have been canceled and you’ve been fully refunded.

    To protect the privacy of the Airbnb community, we can not provide details about this user’s account eligibility.

    We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


  2. Same thing happenned us! It was a family bussiness supporting us and our sons family. 5 years a super host across 6 properties!!There is no legal recourse. VRBO is not as good, but getting some bookings., we are back on it by using a 3rd party managed. that is the entire web address. No .com !
    They only charge 5% to list and forward all messages to you. Takes them a few weeks to get you set up.

  3. Hi there, the same happened to us and we received an email that we didn’t meet the hosting standards (properties not cleaned, no responses to guests, misleading information, etc.). We had 2 listings on Airbnb and both of them had only received 5 star ratings and we have a response rate of 97%. Both properties have been delisted, our guests received a cancellation from Airbnb and we are trying to contact Airbnb for 2 weeks now, without any success. Either we receive the same message as you that they will escalate it or we don’t receive any message at all. Did same things as you but no response at all. It’s just impossible to get anyone who can give you an answer, very frustating!!! Running out of options and would like to start a legal case against them but even this seems to be hard to do. Have you heard anything yet?

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