1. I booked a cottage thru Airbnb and a week before our arrival I get an email my reservation was canceled due to non payment. I had the pay pal receipts where I’d paid on time The host nor Airbnb nor pay pal will resolve this for me after I’ve made multiple calls and actually speaking with reps from both agencies and the host told me to go ahead and come and I shouldn’t have to pay He then said I think you were scammed Really!

  2. I got the same scam! Three booking for over 650 each on Feb 1 and I didn’t go anywhere! I disputed with PayPal and Airbnb today and am waiting to hear back.

  3. Hi! Your Airbnb account was compromised via phishing and/or the hacking of the linked email account. Please check and secure that email account, and change its password. Give Airbnb a call on (02) 8520-3333 or send a Private Direct Message (a DM) via Twitter to @AirbnbHelp – Airbnb Staff will secure your Airbnb Account and send you a link to reset your Airbnb password.

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