1. I had the same experience. Contact me if you are interested in developing a class action. There must be some way to Force due process and equal and fair treatment. There are so many complaints about Airbnb arbitrary treatment of hosts throughout the Internet.

  2. If this is true and actually happened to you then that is terrifying and you need to share this in more platforms than this very little known space. No one reads this. Share it on the airbnb host forum in the community center and become a member of facebook groups like Airbnb Professional Hosts and Short Term Rental University and share this story there. If airbnb makes it a practice of disabling hosts profiles so quickly and without any explanation, then that is something everyone should be aware of.

  3. It’s their platform, they can choose to do what they want. Not the answer you want but it’s reality. Don’t place all your eggs in one basket. You’re running a business for yourself, not for them, right? Branch out! There are numerous other sites!

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