1. I totally agree with the Airbnb decision. You don’t have to right to question the intent of the visitor or try to find out why he/she gets your home. Let me tell you my story;

    I was planning to attend a trade show in Hannover Germany, but almost all places around the city were either sold out or extremely expensive. Also, I have heard that during the trade show times even restaurants have long queues and you have to wait hours to get in. So, I decided to rent a place 140 miles away next to the autobahn (highway). I rented a decent German car, and I drew for three days to the trade show and got back to my cozy city to enjoy the remaining days. It may be nonsense to my host, but It saved a lot for me.

    Long story short, there are lots of legitimate cases that you can’t figure it out with your limited knowledge!

    • Of course he has the right to question, it’s his house.
      The only lesson from here is not to question, just decline.

  2. The commenters are idiots and a bunch of politically correct peddlers – Airbnb is way too controlling and arbitrary to the hosts- you need to feel comfortable in your home- you have an obligation to protect your family foremost and not be at the whim of a monopolistic tax evader. I dont like Airbnb anymore at all.

  3. There they go again using the word “Racist”. Does it make you feel good Steve? This person had a gut feeling about the guest and decided not to pursue it.
    Racist, racist, racist, bigot, bigot, bigot, Hater, Hater, Hater, what’s next? Overused words in this day and age. Change the record won’t you?

  4. It no longer becomes the hosts home once they rent it out. Even just renting a room for money. They’ve become a lodging and are essentially a hotel.

  5. When you’re a racist what do you expect? Maybe the KKK will start their own Airbnb for you? Might be worth reaching out to them?

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