Basically, Airbnb Thinks I’m a Liar for my Claims

I reserved an RV that was shown to be self-contained for a two-week stay while I was between homes. When I arrived to check in, I found the following: the couch pictured in the posting had been removed; the bathroom pictured in the posting had no water (no sink or shower), and the toilet contained dry brown material that emitted a foul odor; the kitchen faucet had no running water; the kitchen stove was not supplied with propane and did not function.

The property manager stated she was aware there was no working shower or toilet, and there is no propane connection for the stove. She went to the main house briefly to ask about the water in general, and confirmed there is no running water. The host was not present, but I contacted her immediately to inform her that none of the advertised amenities were working, and I requested a full refund. She responded “the amenities work”, said I would not receive a refund, and “god bless”.

I contacted Airbnb, and spent two weeks back and forth with “ambassadors”, and at the end of it all was told I didn’t request the refund quickly enough, and since I had no video evidence to prove the amenities don’t work, they will not issue a refund. Then said “have a lovely day”. I have repeatedly asked to have my case sent to a supervisor, and they just move it on to the next “ambassador”. I’m out over $400.

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  1. This made me feel better, I’m out over $200 today because of a POS “host” and the endless rollercoaster of BnB “ambassadors”. F@ck AirBnb!

  2. I’ve been very hesitant to trust RVs. I would assume pics are usually taken in beginning when it’s all new, similar to getting on a dating site and meeting someone who used pictures from 10+ years ago. Luckily, in my case, I was able to video chat and ask questions before traveling to meet the person! However, the first AirBNB we rented for $450 a month said it was a mistake and it was supposed to be daily price. She wouldn’t speak to me, but did speak to the woman I went to meet outside of platform. I was able to get a refund and find another last minute place before arrival.

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