Avoid Hosts who Leave you out in the Cold

We arrived to be left on the doorstep for 45 minutes. It was damp, the gutter was dripping on us the whole time, someone was obviously in the room (they looked through the curtain of the room we had booked and paid for). We continued to knock until eventually I banged on the door saying that if the door was not answered I would be calling the police. By some miracle, the host came to the door and asked, “Why are you banging on my door?”

I asked, “Are you [host]?”

She said, “No, who are you?”

I explained that we had booked and paid for the room for six nights. She then said “You will get your money back. I am cancelling your booking.”

We had been travelling all day, starting early that morning from Spain (she knew this). There was someone in the room we had paid for (probably why the door wasn’t answered). This person, who resembled the picture on the site, was the host, proof of which was clear when she said she would cancel.

We are both getting on for 68 years of age, my husband wasn’t well, we both received extremely bad colds, mine resulting in bronchitis due to standing on the doorstep in the cold night air, getting wet. We had nowhere to sleep that night and ended up sleeping the first night in our hire car, as there wasn’t anything available in the vicinity. The rest of the time sleeping on the floor of our daughter-in-law’s. As we had paid over a month in advance, and this was obviously double booked without giving prior notice, I find this appalling behaviour.

What were we supposed to do? Just disappear into the sunset after paying for the privilege of standing on the doorstep for the better part of an hour knocking on the door? Avoid Airbnb like the plague.

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  1. It wasn’t for a month it was for six days. We searched the site and there was not any availability without sharing a bathroom, which we choose not to do. Even so there wasn’t anything, even with a shared bathroom within travelling distance. We had booked and paid this accomodation six weeks prior to arriving. The host sent a message at 7.30am her time (which was 8.30 our time) she knew we would be travelling all day. The message “I haven’t heard from you, are you still coming?” We had two conversions with this lady AFTER booking and paying. Do we need to have daily contact with the woman in order for her to not re-rent it. We also tried all the hotels in the area, for some inexplicable reason everything was booked. As we were only staying for a short time I didn’t want to spend most of it travelling, especially as I normally take my granddaughter to school. Which would have meant spending time travelling instead of with my family. I will never put myself through that again. I had a contract which was broken. I have never had that happen with any hotel I have ever booked. Yes we got a refund EVENTUALLY, but that is not the point we wanted to have somewhere to stay. Next time I will book with the Premier Inn, they NEVER let us down.

  2. I am so sorry but don’t understand. Are you saying your called Airbnb and they refused to refund you or help you find somewhere else. This would be extremely unusual as they have a clearly established procedure when this happens.

    And why did you sleep on the floor for a month. Surely your daughter in law could heve helped you find an alternative Airbnb or other accommodation.

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