Aren’t Service Dogs Welcome at Airbnb Properties?

I tried to book an Airbnb in Norman, OK for three nights in mid-September with someone who has a no pets policy. However, I have a service dog. A real, bonafide, has to be with me, medical alert, highly trained with impeccable manners, service animal as defined by the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. As a courtesy, I told the host that I would be traveling with my service dog, so she would not be surprised. I later received a reply that she had accepted a long term rental last week. The property still shows that it is available for the dates that I requested in mid-September. If I am truly not welcome there, I am not going to force the issue, but if she is in violation of Title III of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 she should be made aware of her legal liability in situations such as mine, as should all Airbnb hosts. If there is a good reason that a property stays listed as available, even though it is not, I would like to know it. If you are not familiar with the ADA of 1990 I encourage you to research it (although I would be very surprised if this issue has not arisen before now). In it, it is stated specifically that I cannot be treated differently than any other customer, by any business anywhere, because I have a service animal with me. I cannot be given a table in the back because of her. I cannot be charged a pet deposit at a lodging. I cannot be refused any service, or entry to any place that I would be allowed to go without her because she is with me.

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  1. To be honest, the owner could be allergic to dogs, hence the no pet policy. Regardless if its a longhair or shorthair, pet or a well trained service animal. In that case its not discrimination if its for health reasons.

  2. You should report this host to Airbnb. As you stated it is a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act to deny services to anyone because they use a service dog. Unfortunately, many hosts don’t understand this. I’ve argued long and loud with other hosts about this issue. For the record, I don’t permit guests to bring pets because one of my dogs is dog aggressive. When I received a request from a guest who had a service dog I immediately responded to let the guest know that I would gladly make an exception to my no animals rule for a service dog. I told them that we would need to coordinate our dogs schedule so that my dog wouldn’t be aggressive with their dog, but that would be fine with me.

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