Apartment Above Turned into Airbnb, Ruined Everything

This spring my landlord decided to terminate my upstairs neighbor’s contract and let out the flat on Airbnb. The reason was plausible: she wants to use the apartment when visiting from overseas and needs the flexibility. The apartment is being rented out on Airbnb now by a third party who manages about 15 other properties around our region (a big touristy region in the Alps which is very popular in summer).

Despite having an arrangement that the guests are supposed to arrive by 9:00 PM and be quiet by 10:00 PM, reality is totally different. Most of the guests completely ignore the arrival time and then because they must have major jet lag, stay up half the night crashing around the kitchen, walking up and down, and generally being a pain. Since the minimum stay is only three nights and they can use Instant Book. We get all the people that couldn’t give a toss about anyone else. I often get no more than two hours of sleep a night and have to scream and shout at them and bang on the walls.


Because we live in an old wooden chalet where you can hear everything. Life is hell. I hate Airbnb and the whole business it has morphed in to the past few years. It has nothing to do with the original idea. Where I live, everyone is getting on the bandwagon; homes are being bought up and rented out on Airbnb. They guests arrive at all hours, can’t figure out where they’re supposed to go, Walk into other people’s houses, leave their trash everywhere, and put out cigarettes in the garden. All these little things become so annoying over time. I wish someone would clamp down and regulate it more.

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  1. Our landlord recently put one of her buildings on this property on Airbnb. Since that time, noise and creepy guests have been a problem for the other tenants on the property. How do we find out if this is legal? I thought we were supposed to have quiet enjoyment of the premises ?

  2. Still waiting for the carpet…. And they keep giving me silly excuses for the delay. Like I need to show even more understanding. Today I bursted into tears as I was speaking on the phone with my landlord. All these sleepless and disturbed nights, have started making an impact to my patience and my health. I m sure that this whole Air b n b business will finally turn against them somehow and someway, but till that day, the cost for the “innocents” is very high.

  3. I couldn’t sympathise you more! I face the exact same problem. Reading your story was like reading mine. In my case, I have been told that they will put carpet on the AIR B N B appartment within this week. Waiting to see if this will reduce the noise at some extent.

    • The person managing the property above me was supposed to put sound proofing material plus a carpet in but it has never materialised. I’ve asked again and she has put me off another month.

      Our whole region is going to hell in a hangbasket due to Airbnb. Our government is not yet monitoring it but there are more and more European governaments clamping down. So much housing is being lost to greedy landlords that want to make a quick buck. The only problem is that there is less and less housing for those of us that are supposed to work here. Airbnbn has been responsible for ruinging so many cities around the world.

      There was a really interesting article recently in Outdoor Magazine about someone in the Rockies facing losing his apartment due to the landlord wanting to put it on Airbnb.

  4. Try contacting ‘le syndic’ and report the owner to the tax office – he most likely doesn’t pay any tax on his rentals. Bon courage!

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