Apartment in Brussels Illegally Rented on Airbnb

I am the owner of an apartment in Brussels. A couple of months ago I discovered that the person who rents my apartment has listed it on Airbnb. First of all, it is against the regulations in the apartment complex. I already had to pay a 500-euro fine. After calling the person who rents my apartment several times, she still refused to remove the listing on Airbnb. I’ve send several mails to the Airbnb website but with no response. I don’t not understand how they can accept this or not respond. Is there a quick and efficient way to contact them or must I take legal action, not only against the person who is renting my apartment but also Airbnb itself? They are making money out of it, and it is illegal because as a owner it is against regulations, and even the law in Brussels.

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  1. Send an eviction notice to your tenant by registered mail. He/she has clearly violated the rental contract by sub-letting illegally. You could demand damages on top of this and report the tenant to the Belgium tax office. Best of luck!

  2. To report this host to Airbnb; click on the hosts profile. It is toward the bottom of the listing. On the host profile you will see the words, “Report this user.” Click on “Report this user.” Tell Airbnb that you are the landlord and that she has not received your permission and it is against the rules of the apartment complex to list units on Airbnb.

  3. Here is an online form where you can make a complaint: https://www.airbnb.com/neighbors. You will need to go onto Airbnb and get the web address of the “host’s” page showing the apartment. Copy and paste that into the form. You can’t just give the address of the property. There is a section for the host to see and one that is only seen by Airbnb. Good luck!

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