Anti-Social Behaviour from Guests Escaping Pandemic

We had a family move into our village Poulton Gloucestershire Airbnb. They have been here since Friday before the lockdown and are still here. Their anti-social behaviour is getting worse.

Their rubbish piled high at the property will be too much for the district council to remove. They are loud, unruly, and acting as if they are on holiday and not compliant with a pandemic and lockdown. They are flouting every social rule that we are all trying to respect as this unprecedented time. They are raucous and have no respect for social distancing.

I am sure they believe that now that they are in Gloucesterhire, they are immune to COVID-19. We have an elderly community and I feel that Airbnb has been irresponsible to allow people to circumnavigate the government guidelines. My next step is to lodge a complaint with Cotswold District Council and then my MP.

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  1. This sympathy note might cheer you up a bit !

    Compare Airbed to hitchhiking: Students rave about it. The dangers don’t seem real. Mostly it goes ok but ALL of the very worst are there ! fishing for victims on the road. Be honest : If I’d told you that, you’d have gone ahead anyway just like I did. I call myself a simple minded money grubbing idiot to have ever considered it. It’s AIRBED so OF COURSE !! it’s one up from camping ! OF COURSE the backwoods of Europe + America turn up. It’s what Airbed do brilliantly but expect to get battered now ‘n again. And then find out the full horror eg ‘phone the police’.


    “We insure you for $500,000” Don’t all sorts of Klaxons go off hearing that ?!

    Lodgers : I chose the best out of 25 applicants. Likewise they choose me.

    Airbed sends you the other 24 and then some ! right off the bottom of the scale.

    And 1 or 2 off the top. Yes, that’s true.

    In this PC world I can’t tell you the full facts.

    Let’s just say that Gentle BnB it ain’t !

    Stand back + prepare to welcome the likes of Angela ! or meet her as a landlord.

    Airbed will prosper because there are always more willing victims. Greed will out !

    Through gritted teeth I laugh at myself for falling for it ! hope you can do the same.

    (Your nightmare visitors will slag you off on the noticeboard . When you quit, Airbed will tell you that all the rancid comments remain on a permanent basis if you recant and go back to them in future. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander hence I feel free to write on this site which, like all the others , is subject to Airbed trolls I think ! Hey ho ! )

  2. Calm down, if they have been there before lockdown, which is coming up to 3 weeks they clearly do not pose a threat of spreading the virus and moved before the restrictions. Wind your neck in you sound like a real busy body. If they are committing breaches of the peace call the police, what are you waiting for? Why are you posting on here?

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