Almost 8K Stolen by Host even with Months’ Notice

I attempted to rent a home in Mexico (PDC) but had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances and expenses. The payment was nearly eight thousand dollars, so of course you’re going to pay half at that amount. We cancelled the reservation with three months to spare and I was told by two messages we would be getting a refund minus the “service fee” (which at the time was the outrage).

After a couple of weeks of no refund, I contacted the host and he said to contact Airbnb, which I then did. They told me that unfortunately due to the “strict policy” the only way to get a refund was to contact the host. I emailed the host several times on their site with no answer, then back to Airbnb I went.

They are still currently resting on the “policy” as if it were an unbreakable/bendable law with no exceptions. Even thought the host has already re-booked for over half the eight nights, was given three months’ notice and sent the message of “your refund is on it’s way”.

I have also been told by Airbnb that I should have contacted them sooner. After being told I was to wait on my refund and the host telling me it was not up to him. I am still at this very moment attempting to get some sort of refund but they are treating me like a terrorist, i.e. “we do not negotiate our policies” and you get nothing, not even an attempt to ask me if another date would work, take back the unearned service fee, swag, nothing… just go away while we keep almost eight thousand of your dollars for absolutely no services or goods rendered.

I beg anyone who may read this poorly written ramble to please do not allow this company/site/host to steal one dime of your hard earned money.

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  1. I am having the same problem with a host in Maui (Paolo). Very quick to dismiss my circumstances which are out of my hands and quick to just pocket my $1150 deposit and book someone else in. Greedy, heartless host with no help from Airbnb

  2. Even if those are the terms and conditions, the host is being a pr*ck about it with three months notice of cancellation

    Another reason why Airbnb will self destruct

  3. Sorry, what you say doesn’t make sense. Is it a Strict or a Super Strict Cancellation?

    If you gave 3 months of notice, you should be due a refund under the policy. Also, I do not believe that you would pay USD8K for 50% of a booking in Mexico. The property rent in that country is not that expensive.

    Unless you have some proof, it sounds fake. I am a host so I am aware of their policies.

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