1. With all the complaints about crappy hosts and guests not being removed from the site, you must have done something or be associated with somethingor someone that caused them to turn off your account. From what I see on here, it takes quite a bit for them to remove someone from the site.

    • There is a thread called ‘Account disabled for no reason’, with quite a few responses. so it doesn’t sound like it takes ‘quite a bit’.

  2. Hope you fell better now after venting. On the other side of the coin we have been hosting for over a year with Airbnb and it’s been a wonderful experience and I can’t praise Airbnb more highly for how they have worked with us.

    • Hi David. My name is Leda and me and my husband manage a small B&B. We have just registered with AirBNB and we have some questions for them, but after looking for hours on the site we could not find any customer service number or e-mail address and the help centre doesn’t help much. How do you communicate with them if you have any issues? Thank you.

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