Airbnb: Unethical, Liars, Cheats

I have been hosting since the end of December. I had 10 five star reviews. Yesterday, I cancelled my account. Airbnb wanted to penalize me for making some guests that were trashing my house leave. They decided to offset my next rental with a charge for making the “guests” leave. I suffered damages to my property, emotional distress, and even had to call the police on them. Yet, Airbnb treated me as though I was the criminal. Airbnb hides negative reviews. I posted one on these people and it never appeared. As a host, there is no way of knowing exactly how awful your guests may be which is very dangerous. Their telephone support is awful, and their reps sound brain dead. I even had a bad experience as a guest, renting a condo in Mexico for 3 weeks that was uninhabitable due to excessive noise. All Airbnb cares about is Airbnb. STAY AWAY.