Airbnb Trust and Safety Department Beyond Horrible

Letter to the owner of Airbnb. This is my fifth attempt sending it. Of course, there has been no response.

Dear Brian, Alena, Anvita, and others,

First, Brian – I’m appealing to you since you left your email address stating to bypass the Trust and Safety Department and communicate with you directly. I’m taking you at your word that you will become involved. Utter frustration, there is no other way to put it. Yesterday I spoke with a supervisor of the “non-trip department.” I requested the following: “Please have the Trust and Safety Department call me.” I left my phone number and once again requested they email me. I also gave her another email address for them to communicate with me since my first one was not getting through. Incidentally, they also have this other email on file. She assured me she would “accelerate the case and the would get back to me.” I’ve heard that from 20-25 non-trip representatives… very laughable. That’s the line of BS that is common amount if all the reps. Now I’m being financially compromised, and I literally am losing sleep… I cannot rent my home since I don’t have a calendar of my renters and I’m afraid I’ll double book someone. I’m also with VRBO and I can’t rent with them as well. I will soon initiate a lawsuit. I regretfully have been left with no other choice and I will inform the media how Airbnb treats its hosts. As a 5-star host since 2014 I wonder what I’ve done to deserve this? Everything is documented below.

On May 15th:

The Trust and Safety Department blatantly ignores my problem. It was Anvita, now it’s Alena… maybe they are the same, who knows? Avery, your tech, said that they fixed the back end but not the front end and therefore I’m not able to log into my account. I’m in serious trouble. These people are so inept. I have no clue as to who my future renters are and I cannot reach them to give them directions to the house, not to mention I cannot rent my home. Please help! Please!

On May 11th:

Dear Mr. Hassell,

My name is Alan Mayer and I’ve been a 5-star Airbnb host since 2014. My relationship with Airbnb has always been excellent until just recently. Approximately five weeks ago, unbeknownst to me, Airbnb deleted my account and changed my email address to an unknown email address. Subsequently I have not received any inquiries for the past five weeks and my profile has been assigned a different property. In addition, this incorrect property information is being sent to my renters, causing confusion and anger. Six days ago I contacted your technical support team and spoke to several individuals who all assured me that a urgent high priority ticket would be sent to the appropriate team. I was told that Anvita would be assigned my case. For the past six days, I’ve received multiple phone calls and assurances by your representatives that the case ticket has been forwarded to Anvita. I have received no correspondence from Anvita. Therefore I’m locked out of my account and unable to correspond with my renters or access my Airbnb calendar. I respectfully request immediate assistance in solving this issue. Neither of us wants bad reviews nor loss of revenue.

Today is even worse than the past week. The password Anvita sent to get into my account doesn’t work and the wrong home is still being displayed. Regina (who’s been wonderful) tried to activate the password to no avail. Anvita at the Trust and Safety Department issued a notice saying the issue has been “solved,” when actually it’s worse than ever. Respectfully, I’m requesting another case worker be assigned. Anvita isn’t qualified nor will she communicate with me.

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  1. EXACT same issues as you guys it has been 10 days since i was to receive my last payout, i cannot write reviews, now another group has come and left, still no payout so now almost 2k dollars they are holding of my money. I can’t write either group a review i’ve called 4 times now same story trust and safety has to call you someone named heidi it’s been assigned too. Noone can email, or call heidi of course. THE MOST frustrating part of the entire ordeal are the following NONE of them that answer the phone can set an expectation. Not oh were really sorry someone will call you in ____ days so there is zero accountability. The second most frustrating thing is that i’m a so called superhost and this is how they treat me? but that when you call the only number you can’t even get those supervisors at the inbound call center to take my call to oh i don’t know apologize profusely and DO SOMETHING about it. Currently on my 7th phone call to them just asking them how long is an acceptable amount of time till something else is done since clearly “heidi” is so overworked she can’t reach out to someone in 10 days!? because honestly at the 10 day mark to me nothing is getting done. so at 30 days do they then do something new?

  2. I am having the same issue with the Trust & Safety Team. My account has been locked and I am unable to access trips or reviews or anything else. This is the second time this year that this has happened for no reason. My emails Trust & Safety as well as my phone calls to airbnb have all gone ignored. I tried to contact the CEO directly via email in a desperate attempt to get someone – anyone – to assist me and those also went ignored. I don’t know what has happened to this company but it has become absolutely awful and there is zero reliable support for guests or hosts.

  3. How does one file a complaint against Airbnb trip team and TRUST and safety?

    My relationship has been OK with ABNB until a week ago when guest walked off with keys. I spent hours providing all receipts and the case manager, David, closed the case and said not open for negotiation. He also deemed it unnecessary to change the locks although the guests had remained in the property without legal licence. I am 300 Euros (ignoring my wasted hours) out of pocket and am getting help nowhere.

  4. Same for me.Poor hosts. Cancel my account ,upcoming guests and suggesting creating multiple to trap me again. Like a joke

  5. I’m having the same problem with Trust and Safety. They locked my account without communication from them they did not contact me I found out from a guest trying to book the location. I have called and left several messages which they claim they marked URGENT and I have not heard from anyone. As you stated I am not making money this is causing a lot of stress for me as I can not get this resolved no matter what calls emails NOTHING

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