Airbnb Nightmare at Casa Pasco at Lake Chapala, Mexico

We arrived at Casa Pasco in Lake Chapala, Mexico, having booked through Airbnb. Our welcome started with the owner answering the door after repeatedly ringing the bell at the gate. No “Hello” or “Welcome” just, “Where have you been?” Well, we landed in Guadalajara, grabbed a taxi and the taxi driver had difficulties finding Casa Pasco. The owner, Scott, gave us quite the rude welcome. Immediately my first thought was this place was not going to be what Airbnb advertised, starting with some small out-of-control dogs that attacked the pet we had traveling with us.

There was a sewage/chemical smell in both Casa Pasco Casitas. The internet was not working, as had been promised in my Casita. I went to my family member’s Casita, and the internet was still working poorly: forget about watching Netflix or even getting some work completed. The smell was so disgusting I returned to my Casita. Every time we went to ask for help we always felt uncomfortable as the owners were not so friendly, as if we were a bother since we were complaining. It was almost comical watching Scott try to work with a simple internet router that was hanging outdoors on a nail outside my Casita.

Within a couple of hours of being there I knew we had to get the hell out of this place. No way we were staying for multiple nights. I talked to my family member and explained that we were leaving no matter what. We stayed up the entire night, keeping my family member up in my Casita outdoors to avoid the stench of sewage and chemicals (maybe roach spray?). Scott claimed to be so involved with the local community; he said that his local friends and soccer team kids would be visiting and that we should be kind and accommodating. We were also told to lock our belongings up while they visited. I won’t say or express what I think about this host.

Within 12 hours we were packed and left this Airbnb nightmare. The photos look great and the reviews are all great but one must wonder about the authenticity of each review as we had to negotiate with Airbnb and the owner to get a partial refund. Airbnb seemed to side with the host and I wonder if they even suggested that the owner take an honest look at our complaints and resolve them. I will never use Airbnb again, as I don’t feel I should have to negotiate the way we had to. I think that us offering to pay for the first night was more than fair especially after our experience. Don’t use Airbnb, and stay away from Casa Pasco at Lake Chapala. We found an amazing place within those first 24 hours by searching for accommodations on Google. A place that said “welcome”, loved our pet, and allowed us to decompress after 12 hours of hell.

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  1. Sounds like a cheapskate guest with a 5-star attitude that was expecting a red carpet. Get a grip! Travelling usually involves compromise. If you expect the exact same standards as in your home country then don’t travel. My advice:never expect anything and you’ll always be pleasantly surprised.

    • Sounds like a reply from a condescending troll.

      I’ll keep this brief and won’t follow up with any of your future replies should you post them as I have much better things to do like prepare for my trip leaving Seattle, to another city in a different country. No where did I complain about the standards of the country I visited. I only complained about what was listed on Airbnb, and what we discovered upon arrival. This being the first time I have ever complained about service of any type in all my years of traveling.

      I would hope that if you had family members that were becoming ill because of chemicals (as used admittedly by the host or assistant) or of a profound sewage odor in a small casita that you too would take action, like stay outdoors, or move to another location.

      I’m very passionate about traveling and fortunately I’ve been able to travel throughout the world for the past 25 years. I’ve experienced all kinds of hotels, motels, short term, long term, floors, camping mats, bunk beds, hammocks, sailboats, fishing boats, etc… Should I go on? I’ve gone back to my method of finding a place to rest when not exploring. I fly into my destination, explore the neighborhoods I’ve mapped out and stay with a local family or ask the management for a quick look at the room for rent. In the past 25 years my method has never let me down.

      My advice to you Paul. Travel some more. Try and meet some people that are not carbon copies of you. That way you might not come across as a pompous wannabe knowledgeable traveler.

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