1. Not enough detail in your somewhat confusing post. However, it seems that someone else was operating your father-in-law’s account before his death OR after his death. I get the idea that this person was authorised to access the account (either as a co-host or a Point of Contact).
    Unfortunately, as the user (the Airbnb account holder) is now dead, the listing account will be closed.
    You will need to start a new account and add your listing(s).
    If you kept a print out of the future bookings and their contact phone numbers – you may be able to contact them and get them to book with you again.

  2. AirBnB closed your father-in-law’s account because he died. Accounts are per person and cannot be transferred. If someone else wants to manage the property they just have to create an account and create a new listing for the property to that account.

    Attempting to contact the CEO of AirBnB is wasting everyone’s time. AirBnB’s policy is that accounts are non-transferrable. Since hosting is a very personal activity, your father-in-law’s style may be different from your manager’s style so the reviews and description that your manager makes will (hopefully) better reflect his style and guests will better know what they are getting.

  3. Contacted the CEO’s? Haha I’m sure they’ll get right on that.

    Maybe next time my computer locks up I’ll call Bill Gates!

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