Airbnb Stole My Refund — No Results for a Month

This matter is super easy, for a normal company. Of course for the spawn of hell, Airbnb, it is impossible.

I checked into an Airbnb. The apartment had construction in progress that was not disclosed. I immediately cancelled with the host in line with their cancellation policy. We stayed two nights and the host agreed to refund the rest. Airbnb confirmed on June 2 that the refund was paid.

It is now 32 days later and there has been no refund. Airbnb has taken the money from the host and this refund has now been misappropriated by Airbnb. Never in my life have I dealt with a more incompetent and horrifically inept service team than at Airbnb. They lie and lie without taking any action to resolve anything. I have escalated this over five times and very single time the consultant says they don’t know where the refund is, then transfers me to an “expert” who I assume is the same person with a different persona. Then after that they suddenly never respond again.

Airbnb has already agreed to the refund? So why not pay it? What is Airbnb hiding? All I want us to know where my refund is and then for Airbnb to make immediate payment. Airbnb is hands down the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of using. I will pay more to stay directly with hotels in future in order to receive actual service.

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  1. I’m experiencing a similar issue, except I can’t even get Airbnb to acknowledge the listing was inaccurate and agree to a refund (listing said “new apartment” and it was a 40+ year old building without central A/C, with bright lights right outside the bedroom window and thin walls with a screaming baby and slamming doors).

    Have you had any resolution since you posted this a few weeks ago? I really could use some help for a solution. We ended up leaving and booking a hotel for the rest of the trip. If they don’t refund us, it’ll be $500 down the drain. It’s maddening.

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