Airbnb stole my money!

I tried to make a first booking on Airbnb and had my reservation in Kent accepted and confirmed. Without telling me, Airbnb cancelled my booking and told the host that I was a fraudulent account and not to accept me as a guest. The host then rented out the room for my dates and it wasn’t until a couple of days before arriving when I called the host for instructions on how to get there, that they told me this.

Much to my annoyance Airbnb took the money anyway not giving any to the host and as yet haven’t given any of my near £300 back.
Doesn’t matter what country you’re in, this is theft or at the very least fraud. They as a company have obtained my money by deception and are refusing to give it back. The customer service line is useless and there’s no other person I could speak to having been told ‘this isn’t my department and I can’t help you’. Next stop for me I suppose is the police!!

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  1. Airbnb charged me US$ 103 even before I made my first booking. I don’t know what is that for and I can’t send them any e-mail asking to solve this issue

  2. Hello, i dunno if this the same thing but myself aswell havent tried to book anything from bnbstartup but they took from me mone for some reason, what to do i am still in amsterfam all stressed out

  3. I have never even heard of Airbnb until today after my card declined at the supermarket! They have taken all the money out of my account and i have never even used the service that they provide! What do i do!?!? 🙁

  4. Hello, I have a big problem with Airbnb and my host!
    I rent an apartment and after the payment both Airbnb and host disappeared…I’m trying to contact with them but is worthless!
    The thing is that I don’t have any phone number so I can contact with them directly!
    Can anyone help me?
    They took my money and they don’t reply to my emails!
    What should I do now?
    I want my £1800 back!

  5. Airbnb stole 4150E of mine in berlin when I pay by mastercard. I left only 30E in my card for more than 70 days in berlin without any friend or help.

    Internet is not good. it is difficult to contact to hoster if you need any help. the stuff for cooking is poor.

    So never use airbnb if you do not want to be hacked your account and get angry.

  6. Airbnb stole 3000€ from us in France. We rented an apartment through their website and we arrived we found the apartment totally different than what was listed on their website. Plus it was so dirty, and doesn’t provide minimum living circumstances for human beings. As a result we left the apartment directly, but nothing was refunded till this moment.

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