Airbnb Screwed us out of our Security Deposit

We stayed in a villa in Bordeaux for seven nights in June. We had a good time and took good care of the property. However, after we returned to the United Kingdom, we were contacted by the host who claimed we had damaged the furnishings in his property. We were not aware of doing this and upon inspection of the photos, the damages looked relatively minor. We wrote back saying we didn’t think we had caused the damage and that at any rate it looked like minor damage; we needed some proof that we had caused this damage.

We were then contacted by Airbnb (a person called Sydney – we have never been able to find his surname) who told us the host was claiming that the repair costs were £600! We again responded in the same way: said we didn’t cause the damage, asked for proof of the damage and proof that the £600 was indeed the appropriate cost to fix it. Airbnb subsequently replied saying they had reviewed the evidence (not shared with us) and decided in favour of the host, awarding him £580. They then proceeded to deduct this from our account. All subsequent responses from us appealed to Airbnb asking them to be reasonable, and to provide the proof that we are asking for. They simply keep replying saying they consider the matter closed.

We have been completed ripped off here and don’t know what to do next. Can we take them to the small claims court?

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