Airbnb not Helping this Host in the Least

I had a bad guest stay recently. Everything from broken tiles, burnt plastic on pans, stolen bathroom fixtures, the whole place smelt of weed… the worst was when they broke the hot tub by smashing in the inlet grate.

Airbnb refused to give me a claims advocate until I lodged a quote, but that wasn’t possible for five days until the hot tub repair person arrived to determine what the issue was and how much it would be. As soon as this happened I lodged the claim and got a claims advisor only to be told that as another guest had checked in, my claim was now invalid. What?

Countless emails and messages has only led to Airbnb becoming elusive and not calling me when they said they would. It feels like the DMV on steroids. As a host I just need help on this. I feel like I’m in some sort of a bad dream.

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  1. My friend I’m so sorry to hear about these damages to your home and property. Just a word of advice, don’t hold your breath. Air Bnb is notorious for not paying for damages. Be glad that these people did not burn your property down or kill anyone. Air Bnb promises to have up to $1 million with the coverage but they won’t even release $2000 for damages of a guess that they booked at your home. I’ve provided all of those items to them in a timely fashion it’s been over 4 months and they still have not repaid me or called back. In fact after opening up the case they closed it. And said they would reach out to me on a private email. Which they have not. I spent over 30 hours on hold with them and being transferred from one department to another. Provided them all the receipts and documentation they required. Incurred all of the expenses. And the good news is I discovered all of this prior to the corona shut down. Thank God! I would hate to be dealing with Air Bnb now.

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