Airbnb Kicks Host After Sneaky Trap

I have been an airbnb host for over a year now. I have 73 wonderful reviews from my previews guests. One day, airnbnb customer service called me and told me they were taking all of my listings off of their site for no reason. They did not give me any explanation. The day before, I received a message from a lady saying she wanted to rent out my apartment but she wanted me to take my listing off of the airbnb site so she could do business with me. I clearly told her I will love to do business with her but she had to go through airbnb. THIS WAS A TEST CLEARLY FROM AIRBNB. I KNOW THIS PERSON WORKS FOR AIRBNB. They probably did not like my answer and kicked me off for no reason. This was a trap on airbnb’s side. I have never done any business outside of airbnb. Just because they did not like my answer they had no reason to kick me out their site. VERY SNEAKY WAY OF DOING BUSINESS AIRBNB. Its been a nightmare ever since. They will not give me any answers or list my apartments on their site. VERY UPSETTING.

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  1. I had a similar experience: sudden de-activation, no explanation, lots of happy guests and 83% 5-Star reviews.

    I’m still chasing them for an explanation, in the meantime I’ve moved to other rental sites. I’ve heard good things about Trip Advisor so I’m trying them. Their host system is pretty sweet, looks to me like they’re making a play for some of those AirBnB $$$.

    • How can we contact BookingHomie???
      I cannot even sign up. It asked me a question: List one of your listings?????
      Is there a phone number to call in the US ??
      Thank you

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