Airbnb Hosts Have it All When it Comes to Refunds

I’m here to share a little of my bad experience. I’m going on vacation at the end of July, and decided to travel around Croatia from August 8-11. I rented this place on Airbnb; I booked the flight and got everything set. Everything was going okay until a few days later, when I realized that instead of booking the place for the August I mistakenly booked it for July.

I messaged my host as soon as I could telling him about the mistake around July 2nd. He replied that unfortunately he didn’t have any other place available for August so I should cancel my booking as soon as I can to get as much back as I could. He said he would try to contact Airbnb to see how he could refund me, since all the process is automated.

Since I booked the place one month earlier the refund policy was not applicable anymore and I got no refund, even though I canceled my booking. It turns out that I could never get my money back. I tried to contact Airbnb and they told me that unless my host wanted to, there’s nothing they could do. I asked if they don’t think that what he did was wrong and all they said was that they could not punish him because he never violated the rules.

I know that the policy states that cancellations made within a week before the booking date will not be refunded, but I think hosts take advantage of this misfortune to trick guests into cancelling bookings just so they can rent the place again. This kind of behavior is just unacceptable.

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  1. I had that happen to me once. You’re at the mercy of a gracious host to refund you. Luckily, mine did. If you can, leave negative feedback.

  2. The host didn’t do anything wrong. You entered the wrong dates. If you had booked the wrong dates for your air travel, you’d be stuck with change fees plus any fare differences. Why should the host bear the cost of your error?

  3. I have the same experience…. I booked a reservation forAug 10-12 but cancelled July 1st and until now they Airbnb won’t give me a full refund despite canceling more than 1 month before. It’s a rip off! I message the host and she told me that Airbnb didn’t give her the money het. I message Airbnb and they cannot give me a definite answer. They told me that I will get a refund in 10-15 days but it’s been 20 days, no refund yet.

  4. I mean, it’s not taking advantage when the policy is clearly posted. Use more care next time when doing anything online.

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