Airbnb hosts cancel reservations and screw guests

I booked 3 times with Airbnb. Twice they were cancelled by the hosts after I booked and paid 3-4 months in advance. All Airbnb took responsibility for was covering 10% more of the difference. It shows that Airbnb is too clever in doing business. It is a win-win situation for Airbnb. First we looked for places for days, booked and paid in advance by credit card. The bank charges us the selling rate currency exchange. Then we wait and pray that the host would not cancel our booking. And then the cancellation arrived, and we had to start all over again, but this time with far fewer choices of accommodation plus even higher price. If we couldn’t find one from Airbnb, we got the money back, sounds good, but we got the amount back from the bank with leas money due to currency exchange rate. My experience with Airbnb in 10 months with 3 bookings is terrible and nightmare after nightmare. It ruined our holidays. Wasted time and energy to deal with unprofessional Airbnb. I learned that I should rely on professional ones which are abundant in the market. Airbnb business is too tricky.

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